Cyclops’ optic blasts are not lasers -they only have concussive force- and they don’t generate any heat.
Sometimes writers don’t know about that, forget, or joke about it (we made the same mistake on a fact a while ago).

Source (and Uncanny X-Men #391/#502)

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Rogue loves walnuts.

Dazzler #24 (February 1983)


I loved brotherhood rogue. She will always be my fav

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THE NINE CHOIRS OF HEAVEN.  An info-graphic for my editorial class and god am I thankful it’s done.  Way too much went into this than what I had time for, but hey… I actually kind of like it?

Now excuse me, I must return to my fashion major lifestyle and go sew a coat u_u

EDIT:  Re-uploaded with easier viewing! 

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See, I’m waiting until May to make all of the April jokes. I’m clever like that, no?

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He is the perfect dude.

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Its almost over though!

Not soon enough >_>

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Oh shit, April, just realized…… IT’S APRIL!

I hate you so much


Last Dance ~ Christina Hendricks by Tony Duran for Rhapsody, April 2014 

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Chapter 608 - Undersea Paradise

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